Connect the Living

  • Forum Vertigo

A new artistic ecology integrates a principle of interdependence and continuity of all forms of life, linked together. Technologies are explored as a tool for inter-species communications, aspiring to connect worlds at the limits of human perception. At the heart of this "ecological thinking", the network has become a "mesh", a vector of "interconnectivity between all living and non-living things" in the words of Timothy Morton.

With Éric Bapteste Director of Research, CNRS
Emmanuele Coccia Associated Professor, EHESS
Lonneke Gordijn/Ralph Nauta (DRIFT) Designers
Neri Oxman Architect, Researcher, MIT
Jenna Sutela Artist
Moderator Olivier Zeitoun

Visuel : Jenna Sutela, Nimiia cétiï, 2018. Capture vidéo. Vidéo, couleur, 12 min 2 sec. Courtesy de l'artiste. Photo © Jenna Sutela

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