Musical Generativities

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Techniques for the automatic generation of music, which have long been focused on systems ruling the score, are now being deployed at all levels of sound representation: signal, gesture, symbol, form. Sound synthesis using deep networks constitutes a radical break with conventional modelling approaches. How do composers handle these emerging possibilities?

Facilitator Hugues Vinet
With Douglas Eck, Principal Scientist, Google Research
Erin Gee, Composer and Professor, Brandeis University
Giulia Lorusso, Composer / Alessandro Rudi, Researcher, INRIA and École Normale Supérieure
Jérôme Nika, Researcher
Alexander Schubert, Musician, Performer, Composer

Douglas Eck: How do you use AI in your work?

  1. Douglas Eck: How do you use AI in your work?

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