The Network: the One and the Many

  • Forum Vertigo

Linking elements without denying their diversity, describing their reciprocal influences without assuming an immutable hierarchy between them: network thinking seems to have nowadays invested all fields of thought and creation. How can we understand the contemporary fortune of this model in disciplinary fields as varied as philosophy, social sciences or artistic practices? To what historical circulations and conceptual necessities does this swarming obey?”

Claire Bidart Sociologist, Director of Research at the CNRS (LEST)
Dominique Cardon Professor of Sociology, Director of the Medialab, Sciences Po
Aric Chen director of Het Nieuwe Instituut
Elizabeth Diller (DS+R) Artist, Architect
Mathieu Potte-Bonneville Director Department Culture and Creation, Centre Pompidou
Moderator Xavier de La Porte Journalist and Producer

Visuel : Courtesy de Neri Oxman et The Mediated Matter Group, MIT © The Mediated Matter Group

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