Based on the novel by Jonathan Littell, Éditions Gallimard, 2008

Guy Cassiers Director
Filip Jordens Performance
Johan Leysen Voice
Erwin Jans Dramaturgy
Diederik De Cock Sound Design
Camille de Bonhome Assistant director  
Grégory Beller IRCAM Computer Music Design

While writing Bienveillantes (The Kindly Ones), Jonathan Littell also wrote Le Sec et l'Humide (The Dry and The Wet), a text about Léon Degrelle, a Belgian facist and member of the Rexist party. The dry, or the verticality of facist ideology compared to the wet, or the mud of communism, as per Degrelle's ideology and terms. Today, a narrator tells us the story of the facist's Russian campagne and escape to Spain represented through sound archives. He who tells the story becomes the object of the story, confusing history and the present, sound embodied on stage via sound engineering.

Details Program (in French)

A Toneelhuis production. Co-orgnaized by IRCAM/Les Spectacles vivants-Centre Pompidou. With the support of the European Union's Creative program.
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A sneak peek of Filip Jordens’ performance in Le Sec et l'Humide.

  • Le Sec et l'Humide, trailer