The Network during the Post-Internet Era

  • Forum Vertigo

A networked art has developed, stemming from hacker movements and nourished by open code collaborative programming practices. Social media are at the heart of current issues and the exchange of data made possible by blockchain technologies have generated a world of "multi-users" that raises the question of the author and the uniqueness of the work. Social and political satires also criticize a totalizing and vertical network, with an addictive and depressive dimension, far from the emancipating utopia of the network at the beginning of the digital era.

With Yacine Aït Kaci Digital Artist, Elyx
Simon Denny Artist and Professor, HFBK Hamburg
JODI Artist collective Artistic collective
Moderator Jean-Paul Fourmentraux Professor, University of Aix-Marseille

Visuel : Impression digitale sur planche du "Milton Bradley’s Game of Life Twists & Turns", spinner et cartes bancaires, structure de rack de serveur, plexiglas découpe laser, pièces de rack de serveur. 72 x 100 x 23 cm Courtesy of the artist and Buchholz Gallery, Berlin/Cologne/New York Photo © Nick Ash

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