Limits and Generative Possibilities for Artificial Intelligence

  • Forum Vertigo

Over the past few years, several artists have used the assistance of neural networks (convolutional neural networks, generative adversarial networks) to process information sources to define new generic models. Faced with the normative models of deep learning applied for example to facial recognition, can artists develop new practices and establish a more creative position?

Facilitator Frédéric Migayrou et Camille Lenglois
With Robbie Barrat, Artist
Ronan Barrot, Painter
Mario Klingemann, Artist
Yang Lu, Multimedia Artist
Jonas Lund, Conceptual Artist
Stéphane Mallat, Professor (Collège de France)
Anna Ridler, Artist and Researcher

Mosaic Virus d'Anna Ridler, 2019
Mosaic Virus d'Anna Ridler, 2019
Hype Circle de Jonas Lund, installation
Hype Circle de Jonas Lund, installation
Lu Yang Hearse Delusional Mandala No.7, 2015, artificial crystal

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