STARTS Residencies Day 2

  • Encounter

  • March 1 ,
    noon - 7 p.m.

    Access plan

  • Free entry, limited seats available


  • Rencontres en français et/ou anglais

Nef | Booth

from 12pm to 7pm
Discover the stories, ideas and prototypes of 15 STARTS Residencies and 10 CENTQUATRE Factory Start Ups. Discuss with artists and researchers and discover artistic forms that enlighten and question the most advanced technologies.

Challenging the matter with

Onsite Living 3D: Sebastien Wierinck X 3DMP Living
Inside-Out: Carolin Vogler X ChromDesign
Embryonic: Valeria Abendroth X 3D Prime

Ecological explorations with

The Crowd Plastic Waste Printing Project: The New Raw X PTwist

Social experiments with

Sleep in the City: Walid Breidi & Virgile Novarina X Aarhus City Lab
Invisible Agency: Stanza X ArtAntenna
Muted: Christophe Monchalin X CONTENT4ALL
Artificial Intelligence and its false lies: Mika Satomi X CONFIRM Research Center

Augmented experiences with

Content Aware Studies: Egor Kraft X Data Pitch
Transhuman Expression: Liat Grayver X WeDRAW
Cyberspecies proximity: Ana Dumitriu & Alex May X Human Robot Co-Mobility
Sensorium Audio Theatre: Rafal Zapal X FutureLab

Atelier 6 | Starts Exhibition: Life and Matter

from 12pm to 7pm
From a ballet of droplets to the living tissues of a biological robot, come and discover how art poetically tackles the contemporary questions of life and matter.

Challenging the matter with

Suspended Moment: Dominique Peysson X LEVITATE
Hilbert Hotel: Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand X 5th Physics Institute & the EU Quantum Flagship
Reactive Matter: Scenocosme : Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt X Programmable Matter
Biobot/Insider: Zoran Srdić X Kambič

Ecological explorations with

L’Origine du Monde: AnneMarie Maes X Hybrid Forms Laboratory
Continuum: Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves X Eyes on Mars

Salle 200 | Performing Art and Projections

2:30pm Beyond Absolute by Reiko Yamada in collaboration with the LUCA project
3pm Constellation of the Flesh by Mária Júdová and Choy Ka Fai in collaboration with Moving Digits project
4pm Always Dead and Alive by Theresa Schubert in collaboration with Immersify
4:15pm By the Code of Soil by Kasia Molga and Robin Rimbaud in collaboration with the GROW Observatory
4:30pm by Miha Tursič & Špela Petrič in collaboration with ARCTUR
5:30pm Sci-Fi Miners by João Martinho Moura in collaboration with the CritCat Project (INL)
6pm Still by Natan Sinigaglia in collaboration with vvvv

Atelier 7 | Workshops and Roundtables

Art and medecine
How artists’ vision of medical challenges linked to scientists’ knowledge can contribute to advances in medicine? Part of artistic residencies in the medical fields, the speakers will present their projects melting art, medicine and technology and explain the specificities of such collaborations. With:

Reiko Yamada (artist, Beyond Absolute)
Ali Tocher (artist, Random Beauty)
Joe Acheson (artist, Random Beauty)
Jean-Julien Aucouturier (researcher, Random Beauty)
Valeria Abendroth (artist, Embryonic)
Vitor Vieira (artist, Embryonic)

Workshop - Smoking Gun
By fanSHEN in collaboration with the Data Stories Project
A thriller which unfolds via your phone, placing you at the heart of a potential whistleblower scandal. You solve puzzles, scrutinize videos, follow clues, chat about it online with other players. But as your investigations take you deeper, it’s hard to know who and what to trust…

Workshop - Data Union Fork
By Larisa Blazic in collaboration with the DECODE Project
What if citizens could go on a digital strike? Willing to reflect on the notion of collective bargaining? Discover the collective mobilisation installation in the booth area, connect to it and take part in this workshop.

Reflecting on technologies: STARTS Residencies Days Closing roundtable. In art, science and technology collaborations artists take a fresh look at technologies, helping scientists to use their knowledge. With:

Ellen Pearlman (artiste, AIBO)
Félix Cote (artiste, Alfred)
Larisa Blazic (artiste, Data Union Fork)
Rachel Briscoe (artiste, Smoking Gun)

Data Union Fork par Larisa Blazic
Embryonic par Valeria Abendroth
Smoking Gun par fanSHEN par Miha Tursič et Špela Petrič
Beyond Absolute de Reiko Yamada
By the Code of Soil par Kasia Molga et Robin Rimbaud
Always Dead and Alive par Theresa Schubert
Sci-Fi Miners par João Martinho Moura
Still par Natan Sinigaglia

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