Simulation and Virtual Reality - Videos

Publish date
April 6, 2017

Form, Function, and Aesthetics

Bruno Lévy, Director of research, Inria, Head of the team-project ALICE

The Connection Between Emotion and Immersion in Immersive Experiences

Gaël Seydoux, Head of research and innovation, Technicolor

Venise Time Machine

Frédéric Kaplan, Director of the Digital Humanities laboratory at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Printing and Composing sound chambers- Natural spaces, chimeric spaces

Olivier Warusfel, Markus Noisternig, researchers at IRCAM-STMS

Spatialization, Towards 3D Writing

Thierry Coduys, Head of the association/project IanniX / Gaël Martinet, co-founder of the company Flux::

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