Collectif Ippolita


Created in 2004 in Italy, the Ippolita research group was imagined during a hacklab at the ReLOAd:::reality hacking social center in Milan. An informal group made up of amateurs of the new technological world and “free” programming, they strive to dissect the technologies of domination and to understand their social effects.

This collective questions itself and seek to circumvent the boundaries of the Internet by trying to leave the browser (here, a person) during a "surfing session" too full of advertisements that reduces knowledge to an occurrence. The collective publishes texts (collectively and in a non-hierarchical fashion). In French: Le Côté obscur de Google (Éditions Payot & Rivages, 2008), J'aime pas Facebook (Éditions Payot & Rivages, 2011), Internet, l'illusion démocratique (Éditions de La Différence, 2016).