Diemut Strebe

  • Multimedia Artist

Diemut Strebe is a German-born, US based artist and formerly Ida Ely Rubin Artist in Residence at the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology. She works on the intersection of art and science to address contemporary issues. The addressed questions often involve topics that relate to philosophy and literature. Whereas heterogeneous in their appearance on the first sight, the works are connected by a similarity of conceptual approach. They show a broad yet profound interest in the variety of strands in science seen through the aesthetic and artistic lens. In working with those subjects she affirms the Romantic paradigm of “the new” as well as the avant-garde ambitions of modern art. Strebe gained broad recognition in 2014 for her work Sugababe, a clone of the notoriously cut off ear of Vincent van Gogh. Leading linguist and author Noam Chomsky was the first person to speak into the ear through a sound installation. In 2019 she presented The Redemption of Vanity at the New York Stock Exchange, a two-million dollar natural diamond, covered with the blackest black on earth.

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