Douglas Eck

  • Researcher

Douglas Eck is a principal scientist at Google Research, currently working in the Paris office.  He is leading the Magenta Project, a Google Brain effort to create music, video, images and text using deep learning and reinforcement learning. He is also exploring related research in generative models for domains like open-ended dialog and video generation.  Before focusing on generative models for media, Doug worked in areas such as music perception, aspects of music performance, machine learning for large audio datasets and music recommendation. He completed his PhD in Computer Science and Cognitive Science at Indiana University in 2000 and went on to a postdoctoral fellowship with Juergen Schmidhuber at IDSIA in Lugano Switzerland. Before joining Google in 2010, Doug was faculty in Computer Science at the University of Montreal (MILA machine learning lab) where he became Associate Professor.

Douglas Eck: How do you use AI in your work?

  1. Douglas Eck: How do you use AI in your work?

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