Éric Minh Cuong Castaing

  • Choreographer

Born in Seine-Saint-Denis, choreographer and visual artist Éric M.C.C., founder of the Shonen company (lit. teenager in Japanese) was an associated artist with the Ballet National de Marseille (2016-2019) and the Comédie de Valence (since 2020).

Eric M.C.C. proposes creations (shows, installations, performances, films...) linking dance and new technologies (humanoid robots, drones, augmented reality...). His projects, qualified as in socius, take shape within societal realities in partnership with institutions (research laboratories, schools, hospitals, NGOs...) beyond the art world. He explores the relational modes of bodies and their representations in the technosciences era, beyond the dualities art/society, real/fiction, nature/culture, organic/artificial.

A graduate of the Gobelins L'école de l'image (Paris), Eric M.C.C. was first, for several years, a graphic designer in animated film. Interested in the relationship between the body and the image, as well as in real-time choreographic writing, he discovered hip-hop in 1997, then Japanese buto, under the guidance of masters Carlotta Ikeda and Gyohei Zaitsu, and finally contemporary dance, notably with the German choreographer VA Wölfl.
His work, supported in France and Europe, has received various awards in the fields of dance and contemporary art (Prix de la jeune création LE BAL-ADAGP 2021, Audi talents 2017, Pulsar 2017, Brouillon d'un rêve numérique Scam, Créateur numérique Lagardère grant, SACD Beaumarchais choreographic grant, first prize in the Audace artistique et culturelle fondation Culture & Diversité).

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