Laurence Devillers

  • Professor

Laurence Devillers is a full professor of computer science at Sorbonne University and a researcher at LIMSI-CNRS on « Affective and social dimensions in spoken interaction ». She has a research chair on AI HUMAAINE : HUman-MAchine Affective INteraction & Ethics of DATAIA institut/CNRS. She wrote more than 150 research papers (h-index:35) and a book « Des robots et des hommes : mythes, fantasmes et réalité » (Plon, 2017). In a near future, socially assistive robotics aims to address some critical gaps in care by automating supervision, coaching, motivation, and companionship aspects of interactions with the elderly, children, disabled people, and even individuals with social phobias among many others. Talk during social interactions naturally involves the exchange of propositional content but also and perhaps more importantly the expression of interpersonal relationships, as well as displays of emotion, affect, interest, etc. It is thus necessary that a bigger ethical thought is combined with the scientific and technological development of robots, to ensure the harmony and acceptability of their relation with the human beings. Laurence Devillers is member of the French Commission on the Ethics of Research in Digital Sciences and Technologies (CERNA) d'ALListène. She is involved in « The IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in the Design of Autonomous Systems» and in P7008 about nudging. She is also involved in the French DataIA institut and the FranceIA HUB (Private/Public eco-system) on ethics.

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