Manuel Jimenez Garcia


Architect, MadM Design

Manuel Jimenez Garcia, a register architect in UK and in Spain, with a background in computer programming and interactive design, teaching fellow at The Bartlett, UCL - is interested in research in computational design mainly focused on particle-spring systems and physics simulations.

His research aimed to demonstrate that materials highest potential is acquired when such a material can be computed, understood and utilised as a design principle. He is currently developing an open source Java application called Soft-modelling, which connects together two of the most-used design tools; poly-modelling and physical simulation. He has recently tested the digital workflow allowed by such a tool in multiple exhibitions, installations and workshops at the London Clerkenwell Design Week, Resonate (Belgrade) and Acadia Design Agency (Los Angeles).

Alongside his personal work, Manuel is currently Senior lecturer of AD Research Cluster 4 and at The Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) in London; He has taught and run workshops at Architectural Association's Design Research Laboratory in London, Madrid, and Paris.