Olivier Zeitoun

  • Curator

Olivier Zeitoun is a curator in the Design and Industrial Prospective department of the Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, in Paris. A graduate in political science and philosophy and art history, he works on exhibitions and acquisitions of the museum, contributes to catalogs and collective works, and has been contributing since 2017 to the Mutations/Creations cycle, through the exhibitions "Imprimer Le Monde" (2017), "Coder le Monde" (2018) or "La Fabrique du Vivant" (2019, co-curated with M-A Brayer). In 2020, he is associate curator of "Design and the Wondrous", at the Centre Pompidou x West Bund Museum in Shanghai). Teaching at the ESAD in Reims, he also pursues his research as an independent curator. His research focuses on issues related to the digital field in the fields of art and design through transversal approaches.

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