Robbie Barrat

  • Artist

Born in Dublin in 1999, Robbie Barrat grew up in West Virginia. He worked at NVIDIA, then as a researcher in a bioinformatics lab at Stanford university. Barrat explores a variety of domains through machine learning and GANs (generative adversarial networks), including fashion, architecture, and art history. Barrat considers A.I both as a medium and as a tool. His interest lies in how the machine misinterprets training material. In his current work, Barrat uses neural networks to “correct” existing paintings and adjust them to more align with the machine’s understanding of what the nude human figure looks like.

Barrat’s first show, “Infinite Skulls” a confrontation with French painter Ronan Barrot took place at the Avant Galerie Vossen in Feb 2019. His last exhibitions: Late Tate during Nam June Paik show, Neural Network Balenciaga, Musée de la mode Hasselt, Ars Electronica , System Failure San Francisco, ArtJaws New York.

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