Sylvain Lefebvre


Researcher, Inria

Sylvain Lefebvre is currently a director of research at Inria, at the heart of the ALICE team at the Nancy Grand-Est center. Following a thesis in the field of image synthesis, in 2005 he spent a year in Seattle working for Microsoft Research. From the very beginning, he sought to simplify the generation of textures covering computer graphics. His research focuses on methods for automatic generation of graphical contents, such as 3D forms, details of surfaces, and motifs for different materials. His approach combines methods for synthesis using by-example approaches to methods that simplify forms. Applications range from virtual worlds to the creation of complex objects for additive manufacturing. In 2010, he received the EUROGRAPHICS award for young researchers; his work has had a considerable impact in both the scholarly and industrial circles. Since 2012 he has been at the head of the project ERC ShapeForge. In 2013, he won the award Région Lorraine for his research.