Yacine Aït Kaci

  • Digital Artist

Born in Paris in 1973, Yacine Aït Kaci is a French artist and interactive media pioneer (eg. DVD-ROM of the Louvre in 1999) and digital arts. In 2000, Yacine and Naziha Mestaoui created the Electronic Shadow collective which paved the way to the hybridization of the real and the virtual. Electronic Shadow produces numerous immersive installations and live performances, and has won several international prizes, such as Ars Electronica (2004), Japan Media Art Festival (2005), and Laval Virtuel (2004, 2005).

The following decade, Yacine modified his creative process. He took up drawing again and created ELYX, bringing the city to life through emerging social networks. Digital street art was born and with it the fabulous destiny of ELYX. In 2015, ELYX became the first and only Digital Ambassador of the United Nations. The same year, Yacine is the guest artist of the COP21, and ELYX is at the negotiation table of the Paris Agreements. The artistic project becomes unquestionably political. In 2018, he and Adeline Pilon founded the eponymous Foundation that will participate in endorsing the multiple facets of the artist between Art, Innovation, Commitment and Vision...

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